Wednesday, 6 June 2012

"Radical feminist" agendas and silencing women's voices

"This Vatican's been busy fighting American nuns hard this year, claiming that they'd broken completely from the Church and were promoting a "radical feminist agenda." To be fair, though, everything that isn't directly in line with the Church's teachings is a "radical feminist agenda," according to the Church. But when I read "radical," I like to think of it like how the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles meant it as a synonym for "totally cool." Imagining Pope Benedict flashing a thumbs up and telling American nuns that they're way awesome/tubular makes this whole saga less headache-inducing."
Erin Gloria Ryan writing for Jezebel

This has got to be one of the best responses ever to women being incorrectly labelling as radical feminists in an attempt to silence them.

I notice this happening a lot.  The socially conservative vice president of gender and sexuality of my student union once wrote in the union newsletter that one of the goals of her term was to reclaim the women's room from the "radical feminists."  I believe she meant lesbians, there being no active feminist group on campus until she tried to squash them out.  Does the non-feminist contingent of the world struggle to grasp that radical feminism is the name of a separate form of feminism as opposed to a more militant variety of garden variety feminism (if such a thing exists)?  

This reminds me of a ploy the same union ran when they faced a protest against their corruption: they ran flyers alleging that the protest (actually organised by a centre left group) was a protest by the radical Socialist Alternative (socialist is not a pejorative term in Australian politics) against bans on whaling (thereby ensuring that not even the environmentalists would attend).  Knock off the straw man arguments please?  On this side of the fence we are capable of mature and well reasoned arguments.  Grow up.

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